Maneuver Resolution

Drive Pods

Drive Pods are units of propulsion. Each Drive Pod equipped on a ship provides that ship with one Burn and one Maneuvering Thrust per turn.


A Burn accelerates the ship 2 hexes per turn in the direction it is currently facing. If the ship is facing a hex side, both points of thrust go into that hex side. If the ship is facing a hex spine, 1 point of thrust goes into each of the hex sides adjacent to that hex spine.

Maneuvering Thrust

A Maneuvering Thrust rotates the ship 30 degrees (i.e., to the adjacent spine or side) OR accelerates the ship 1 hex per turn in any direction *except* the direction it is currently facing.


A ship with 3 drive pods may make up to 3 Burns and 3 Maneuvering Thrusts (rotations OR pushes) each turn. Burns and Maneuvers may be made in any order. A ship with the following orders:


Will push aft, rotate 30 degrees to starboard, burn, rotate another 30 degrees to starboard, and burn twice more.

Traskedp6int - frak frak FRAK

Thinkpag's (IBM thinkpad 600e) trackpoint died spectacularly for no reason last night. ARGH. My travel-puter now depends on an EXTERNAL POINTING DEVICE to be useable. ARGH.


also, AARRGGHH!!
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Banority Meport: A logic problem

Let us begin with a few assumptions:

1. There is a Youtube feed that posts videos of future events to take place in the Manhattan KS area. Specifically, it posts videos of future murders.

2. If no one sees these videos (or if someone sees but does nothing) then the murders will inevitably take place exactly as shown.

3. Bana, however, due to his massive dependency on Diet Mt. Dude, always sees every video, and therefore has the opportunity to alter the future by notifying the authorities. Hey presto - the murder rate in Manhattan drops to zero!

A couple of important notes:

The Youtube videos unambiguously depict murders - there is no question that that is what they really are.

The combination of points 2 and 3 determine that the Youtube videos are not actually showing the future - when Bana alerts the authorities in point 3 the murder future is averted; the events depicted in the video never actually come to pass. What the videos are really showing is the future in which no one is *warned.* Once you view a video and become warned, you then have a choice: to let the future unfold as predicted, or to take action to avert it. In other words, if effective action is take, the Youtube videos are *self-negating prophecies.*

One more assumption:

4. Bana has taken a Klingon Oath of Venganza against anyone who installs OS/2. Bana will unwaveringly kill anyone that he discovers to have performed such a dastardly deed.

And now for the scenario:

Seth, the Denier of Information Technologies, has decided that he can win a few points of Bosshole favor by trasking Bana. So he schemes up a plot that he is sure will cook Bana's goose permanently - getting Bana arrested for murder! So he takes aside a random unsuspecting Sethminion - who Bana has no knowledge of - and pays the minion to install OS/2 on the minion's old i486 computer.

The question is:

Will Bana murder the Sethminion?

Fort Worth

Well, I have arrived in Fort Worth Tejas! I have learned that in Tejas, They Make them Big. This is the biggest, nicest, cheapest hotel room I've ever been in. And it's at a SUPER 8!!

/me phears what the Radisson here must be like.

Also I drove past the Texas Motor Speedway on the way here. It is bigger than my hometown.

Also, I went through a mountain in Arkansas. That was awsome.